(23 July 2014)

Almost 7 years ago the first Congress of the Jews of Egypt took place in Haifa and a resolution was passed to encourage Racheline & I in our project to establish a Chair at the University for the Study & Research of Jewish Heritage in Egypt.

The task was not easy but we finally prevailed and the Chair is now a reality since its inauguration in October 2013.

The purpose of the Chair is :

  1. 1. Organise regular seminars on the subject and publish the contributions of various scholars and academics

  2. 2. Offer students who are prepared undertake study & research on the subject, scholarships and / or prizes for excellence on their publications

  3. 3.  It is understood that the study & research will concentrate on the History, Culture & Contributions of Jews in Egypt in modern times (1800 - 1970)

The first such scholarship or prize of $US5,000 has already been transferred to the university on the occasion of my 80th birthday and the university will be seeking candidates soon.

The university itself will start using the income from the $US300,000 Fund with a program to be advised.

We wish to thank all our relatives and friends who have generously contributed and encourage a continued effort to keep the memory of vanished community alive.

Joseph & Racheline Barda