Questions & Answers

Q) What period of the history of Jewish Community in Egypt will the chair cover?

Answer: From about 1800 to about 1970. The previous periods are well covered by many historians’ studies and books.


Q) What happens to the funds raised during the ‘appeal’?

Answer: Until the end of the funding campaign on 31 December 2013 the funds are invested in accordance with the University of Haifa conservative guidelines and the interest is added to the principal. 

Q) What happens if by December 2013 a lesser amount is raised?

Answer: This cannot happen as I have pledged that by June 2013 I will top-up the amount raised to $300,000.

Q) Why the University of Haifa?

Answer: I had unsuccessful negotiations with other universities but only Haifa University:

1) Agreed to give control of the Trust Funds to the Management Committee.

2) Has a large number of academics specialising in Jews from the Middle East and from Arab Countries.

3) The multicultural setting and record of the University of Haifa is ideally suited to the proposed chair.


Q What are the proposed ‘recognitions’?

Answer: For small donations there will be a ‘Golden Book’. For larger donations it is proposed to have a plaque on the University grounds. For more important contributions a system of naming of ‘revolving’ scholarships will be proposed. Finally for a substantial donation joint or single naming rights are available. These details will all be finalised by the Management Committee when constituted.